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Health and Immunity Promo Package

Original price was: €61,34.Current price is: €39,88.
Fruit Vitamins with Zinc – Frank Fruities Build Immunity Elderberry and Apple, 200g + Alveo Sil, 60 Capsules

Nebrovidin® for eye health and eye aging – 20 veggie capsules

Original price was: €12,27.Current price is: €9,52.
Nebrovidin® is a premium quality supplement formula for strengthening the optic nerve and improvement of neuronal metabolism.  The product accelerates the natural regeneration of the cells and reduces the negative impact of free radicals on nerve cells. The combination of carefully selected ingredients makes Nebrovidin® ideal adjunctive therapy for optic nerve damage.

Promo Pack “Autumn”

Original price was: €83,33.Current price is: €70,81.
Promo pack “Autumn” is the perfect way to take care of the health of your children! The yummy Frank Fruities KID’S MULTY vitamins provide extra support for the organism and improve kid’s immunity during flu season, and with the Little Doctor compressor inhaler children will quickly overcome even the most persistent viral diseases!

Promo Pack “Breathe Freely”

Original price was: €81,75.Current price is: €57,26.
Promo pack “Breathe Freely” provides optimal care for the respiratory tract. Alveo Sil is a new generation premium nutritional supplement, which supports the normal functioning of the liver, strengthens the respiratory tract and improves the health of alveoli and sinuses.

Promo Pack “Frank Fruities”

Original price was: €61,34.Current price is: €52,14.
Vitamin Gummies with Zinc – Frank Fruities Build Immunity Elderberries and Apple + Vitamin Gummies with Iron – Frank Fruities Pump Iron Blackcurrants and Apples + Vitamin Gummies with Selenium, Zinc and Vitamin E – Frank Fruities Help Gut Cherry, Banana and Apple

Promo Pack “Little Doctor at Home”

Original price was: €71,57.Current price is: €56,75.
This is a basic promo pack, which contains the most common medical devices: LD-91 is a professional blood pressure monitor by the Polish brand Little Doctor, Krakow, Poland. Digital thermometer LD – 302, intended for measuring body temperature. Practical lightweight pulse oximeter with compact design.

Promo Pack “Summer Adventures”

Original price was: €22,49.Current price is: €16,82.
Promo Pack “Summer Adventures” contains two first-class dietary supplements for trouble free summer. The premium probiotic promotes digestive health and supports gastro – intestinal function, while the powerful enterosorbent cleanses and detoxes the organism.

Promo Pack “Together”

Original price was: €40,89.Current price is: €30,17.
Promo pack “Together” contains powerful vitamin formulas for him and her. Frank Fruities Energy & Metabolism is the tastiest way for improving metabolism and increase of energy levels. Frank Fruities MEN’S MULTI is a unique fruit combo with high vitamin and mineral content, specifically designed to strengthen and support the male organism and increase strength.

Promo Pack Vitamins + Thermometer LD-301

Original price was: €17,22.Current price is: €10,22.
C Vit Natural Powerful natural immunostimulant in a convenient ampule for easy ingestion. Each dose C Vit Natural contains 504

Promo package Recovery – C Vit Natural + Alveo Sil

Original price was: €47,03.Current price is: €38,35.
Double power for optimal recovery after viral and bacterial infections, colds, chronic diseases and other conditions of the respiratory system.