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Nebron® for pain in the back and lower back, stiffness and numbness of the limbs – 30 tabs

Nebron® is a premium nutritional supplement that helps for the treatment of diseases of the peripheral nervous system, caused by nerve damage or inflammation. The product supports neuronal metabolism and promotes recovery of the peripheral nervous system by contributing to the regeneration of the myelin sheath of the axon and improvement of nerve conduction.

Porexan® to improve concentration and dewiness of the limbs – 60 tablets

Porexan® is a first – class vasolidator that improves memory and increases concentration. The supplement boosts circulation and promotes brain and limb perfusion. The synergistic effect of the active ingredients in the formula stimulates heart, nervous and immune system functions.

The nervous system is an extremely complex and large structure of nervous cells that carry out the communication between the brain and the other parts of the body. This complex network is subjected to continuous stress, which can lead to disruption of its homeostasis and functions. The constant overload of the nervous system has a negative impact on overall health. In this section you will find premium dietary supplements, designed to strengthen the nervous system and improve its functions.