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Compressor Nebulizer Little Doctor LD-221C

Original price was: €70,55.Current price is: €59,97.
LD-221C is an aerosol compressor inhaler, intended for the treatment and prevention of a variety of respiratory disease, including asthma, allergies, bronchitis and others. The device is intended for both professional and home use. The high – power low – noise compressor turns medical solutions into a fine, easy – to – inhale aerosol.

Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer Little Doctor LD-812U

Original price was: €74,64.Current price is: €63,44.
LD-812U is a first-class ultrasonic inhaler, designed for humidification of the upper and lower respiratory tract and treatment of respiratory disease. The device is equipped with an innovative MESH technology, which turns liquid medical solutions into fine aerosol. When the medication passes through the mesh membrane, it is transformed into a mist with microscopic particles that easily reach all parts of the respiratory system. This guarantees a faster and more powerful effect.

In this section you will find premium inhalers, produced by the Polish brand Little Doctor. All of the devices are intended for prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases. The products are suitable for both adults and children. Their main function is to transform liquids to aerosol, making it easier for medications to reach all parts of the upper and lower respiratory tract.

Aerosol compressor inhalers turn liquid solutions into fine aerosol with very small particles. These particles easily attach to the walls of the respiratory tract and reach its deepest parts. This allows for optimal efficiency of the therapy and faster effect than with liquid medications and sprays. The use of such devices speeds up the healing process and provides full recovery. Additionally, aerosol compressor inhalers are very quiet, which makes them perfect for use at night. The devices are suitable for professional and home use.

Ultrasonic inhalers are suitable for children, because they are very quiet and can be used even during sleep. The innovative technology of this type of inhalers transforms liquid into fine mist, which easily penetrates the respiratory tract. These devices can be plugged in or work with batteries. They are compact in size, which makes them very easy for transportation and usage when raveling. Ultrasonic inhalers are easy to clean and provide minimal loss of therapeutic solutions.