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Alveo Sil – 20 capsules

31.65 лв.
Alveo Sil is a high quality, new generation dietary supplement specifically designed to support the body during acute respiratory diseases in the upper and lower respiratory tract. This innovative product strengthens the lungs, improves airway function and supports the health of the alveoli and sinuses. The formula includes all-natural ingredients and is sugar-free.

Alveo Sil – 60 capsules

55.99 лв.
Alveo Sil is a new generation dietary supplement with excellent quality, which supports normal lung function, strengthens the airways and improves the health of the alveoli and sinuses. The balanced formula of the product is 100% natural and does not contain sugar, which makes it suitable for everyone, including people on a specific diet.

Promo Pack “Breathe Freely”

112.00 лв.
Promo pack “Breathe Freely” provides optimal care for the respiratory tract. Alveo Sil is a new generation premium nutritional supplement, which supports the normal functioning of the liver, strengthens the respiratory tract and improves the health of alveoli and sinuses.

Promo package Recovery – C Vit Natural + Alveo Sil

75.00 лв.
Double power for optimal recovery after viral and bacterial infections, colds, chronic diseases and other conditions of the respiratory system.

Nutritional supplements for the respiratory tract are designed to strengthen lung function and improve breathing. Some of these products aid the recovery and regeneration of the respiratory system after viral and bacterial infections.

Taking nutritional supplements does not replace balanced eating. It is advisable to consult a doctor before taking nutritional supplements if you suffer from chronic disease or other health problems. Follow the instructions on the packaging of the supplement and do not exceed the recommended daily dose!