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Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Little Doctor LD23L

The compact size and practical design of LD23L make it an excellent device for every day blood pressure monitoring of people who suffer from hypertension or have fluctuating blood pressure levels. It is easy to use and suitable for domestic needs. The electronic monitor is part of the product portfolio of the Polish brand Little Doctor – Krakow, Poland. The firm specializes in the development and production of top quality blood pressure measuring devices for home and professional usage.

Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Little Doctor LD30

For people diagnosed with hypertension and those who experience frequent fluctuations in blood pressure values, it is essential to regularly monitor their vital signs. LD30 is a first-class blood pressure measuring apparatus, which will help you monitor your condition. The electronic device is equipped with a large display, on which results are easily visible, a larger cuff and an arrhythmia indicator.

Promo Pack “Little Doctor at Home”

This is a basic promo pack, which contains the most common medical devices: LD-91 is a professional blood pressure monitor by the Polish brand Little Doctor, Krakow, Poland. Digital thermometer LD – 302, intended for measuring body temperature. Practical lightweight pulse oximeter with compact design.

AC Power adapter NISSEI ADP-W5

The ADP-W5 power adapter is recommended as a power source for NISSEI’s automatic blood pressure monitors. It is compatible with most of the brand’s models. The adapter is suitable for home use, where no battery is needed.
  • Input: АС 100 - 240V/ 50/60 Hz
  • Output: DC 6V, 500mA

Professional Shock Resistant Blood Pressure Monitor Little Doctor LD-91

LD-91 is a professional mechanical blood pressure measuring monitor by the Polish brand Little Doctor – Krakow, Poland. The device is equipped with an encapsulated pressure gauge and a comfortable cuff with a metal fixing ring. LD-91 is a well – known model, preferred by specialists in Poland due to its high quality and maximum durability. It is designed to withstand shock and impact, making it an excellent medical tool for everyday use in a busy environment. It comes with a stethoscope and storage case.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Little Doctor LD51

LD51 is a reliable, high – quality blood pressure monitor, suitable for everyday home use, which provides accurate measurement every time.

Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Little Doctor LD3a

LD3a is a premium blood pressure monitor, produced in Poland. As part of the portfolio of Little Doctor – Krakow, the device stands out with its practical functions and excellent design. It is suitable for everyday home use by people suffer from hypertension and irregular blood pressure.

Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor NISSESI DS-11

Universal and convenient – ​​electronic automatic blood pressure device NISSESI DS-11 is a Japanese blood pressure monitor of top quality. The device is equipped with a standard arm cuff. It is suitable for almost everyone, as the circumference of the cuff is 22 – 42 cm when it is not inflated. NISSESI DS-11 will provide you with a quick and accurate reading with the touch of a single button. The apparatus is compact in size. It is suitable for home use and can easily be transported. One of its many advantages is that is shows only valid pulse readings. It has a memory slot with 60 positions.

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor NISSEI DSK-1031

The best selling blood machine in Japan Measuring your blood pressure has never been easier! NISSEI DSK-1031 is a premium Japanese electronic blood pressure monitor for home use that is very easy to handle. The system is equipped with standard sleeve that attaches around the biceps. The reliable indicators optimize the measurement process and provide correct reading of blood pressure and pulse.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor NISSEI WS-C2

NISSEI WS-C2 is a compact and easy-to-use blood pressure monitor designed for home use. The high-quality device provides extremely accurate results and is equipped with practical functions that facilitate the adequate monitoring of vital signs (blood pressure, pulse).

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor NISSESI WSK-1011

The best selling blood pressure monitor in Japan NISSESI WSK-1011 is a high – quality electronic blood pressure monitoring device for the wrist. It is made for adults and children above 12. With this apparatus you can easily monitor your blood pressure in the comfort of your home.

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Little Doctor LD51U

LD51U electronic blood pressure monitor is part of the product portfolio of the Polish brand Little Doctor. This high – quality device has practical functions and functional design, which make everyday use easy and comfortable. The monitor is intended for adults and children above 12. It is suitable for home use as an adjunct to hypertension therapy and for people with fluctuating blood pressure.

TeamPro offers a wide range of high – quality blood pressure measuring devices. Here you will find both premium devices for home use and excellent professional apparatuses, designed for intensive use in medical environment. The variety of premium electronic and mechanical monitors helps you make an informed choice and find the best device to suit your needs!

All of the blood pressure monitors that we offer on our website are of top – notch quality and premium functionality. The electronic devices are very easy to use as they do not require manual pumping. The measurement is automated, fast and precise. The results are visualized with large numbers on a practical display.

Most electronic blood pressure monitors are equipped with an arm – cuff, but we also offer wrist – cuff models. Some of the devices come with different – sized or enlarged cuffs, suitable for people with different arm circumferences. The cuffs are easily adjusted and fixed with a metal ring for accurate measurement. All monitors are equipped with practical cases for easy storage and portability.

Electronic apparatuses are equipped with a charger, as well as battery slot. They also have an automatic turn – off function and inbuilt memory for the readings. When the battery is low, the devices notify you with a sound signal. Additional extras for some of the models include arrhythmia indicator, intelligent Fuzzy Algorithm System, automatic calculation of average values for the last 3 measurements.

Mechanical blood pressure monitors require manual inflating of the cuff. The readings are read independently. One of the models is designed for pediatricians and neonatologists. It comes with 3 soft cotton cuffs, suitable for children of all ages, including newborns and infants. We also offer a specialized mechanical blood pressure monitor, designed to withstand thermal shock and falling. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for intensive professional use.