Health and Immunity Promo Package

Fruit Vitamins with Zinc – Frank Fruities Build Immunity Elderberry and Apple, 200g + Alveo Sil, 60 Capsules


Sanavron is a dietary supplement that helps relieve daily stress and tension by favoring positive thinking and mood. The product is specially formulated to support the normal functioning of the nervous system and provide necessary support for mental health.

Nebron CBD balm – 15ml.

Nebron CBD balm is a unique product with broad-spectrum effects that combines CBD with a complex of carefully selected plant oils with proven therapeutic properties. The balm was developed to improve the health and function of the musculoskeletal system in athletes, people undergoing intense physical exertion, as well as anyone experiencing joint and/or muscle pain and discomfort.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Little Doctor LD51

LD51 is a reliable, high – quality blood pressure monitor, suitable for everyday home use, which provides accurate measurement every time.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor NISSEI WS-C2

NISSEI WS-C2 is a compact and easy-to-use blood pressure monitor designed for home use. The high-quality device provides extremely accurate results and is equipped with practical functions that facilitate the adequate monitoring of vital signs (blood pressure, pulse).

Promo Pack “Autumn”

Promo pack “Autumn” is the perfect way to take care of the health of your children! The yummy Frank Fruities KID’S MULTY vitamins provide extra support for the organism and improve kid’s immunity during flu season, and with the Little Doctor compressor inhaler children will quickly overcome even the most persistent viral diseases!

Cold Bandage

Off – line’s cooling bandages provide instant relief from twists, strains and sprains. The perfect choice for immediate treatment of inflammation and bruising of injured muscles, tendons and ligaments for athletes!

Promo package Recovery – C Vit Natural + Alveo Sil

Double power for optimal recovery after viral and bacterial infections, colds, chronic diseases and other conditions of the respiratory system.

Promo Pack “Little Doctor at Home”

This is a basic promo pack, which contains the most common medical devices: LD-91 is a professional blood pressure monitor by the Polish brand Little Doctor, Krakow, Poland. Digital thermometer LD – 302, intended for measuring body temperature. Practical lightweight pulse oximeter with compact design.