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New Vital – Shiitake, Maitake and Reishi 120 herbal capsules

New Vital is a high – quality dietary supplement with 100% natural content. The product contains three vital mushrooms – shiitake, maitake and reishi – that strengthen immunity, promote cardiovascular function and vitalize the organism. The unique production technology of the supplements preserves all nutrients and guarantees excellent digestibility and perfect absorption of the vegan capsules.


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Sanavron is a dietary supplement that helps relieve daily stress and tension by favoring positive thinking and mood. The product is specially formulated to support the normal functioning of the nervous system and provide necessary support for mental health.

Vamintol – improved form of Validol 10 lozenges

Vamintol is a new, improved form of Validol. The supplement is perfectly absorbed by the body and is suitable for diabetics. It does not contain sugar and does not affect blood sugar levels. Each tablet contains 59 mg. of easily digestible Validol.

Porexan® to improve concentration and dewiness of the limbs – 60 tablets

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Porexan® is a first – class vasolidator that improves memory and increases concentration. The supplement boosts circulation and promotes brain and limb perfusion. The synergistic effect of the active ingredients in the formula stimulates heart, nervous and immune system functions.

Stress, depression and anxiety have become an inevitable part of the lives of many people. Once manifested, these unpleasant conditions can seriously affect the quality of life and impair personal and professional wellbeing. If the pressure of chronic stress is not controlled in a timely manner it can be catastrophic to mental, emotional and physical health.

It is best to deal with stress with a holistic approach in order to achieve best results. Regular physical activity, balanced, healthy diet, time for rest and sleep are all essential aspects of managing stress and maintaining mental health and strong nervous system. In addition, regular yoga sessions, meditation and time with loved ones is a proven formula for fighting depression and stress release.

Supplements can be very effective in your fight with stress and help you combat conditions like insomnia, temporary cognitive impairment, irritability and others. Here you will find a wide variety of qualitative dietary supplements for stress release, improved nervous system and brain function. Consult with e specialist in case your condition does not improve!