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Oxy Detox + Vitamin Gummies with Zinc Frank Fruities Boost Immunity with Elderberries & Apples – 200 gr.

Fortified with Zinc Meet Frank Fruities Boost Immunity! The unique gummy vitamins are a new and fun way to strengthen your natural defense system. Fortified with zinc, the cute fruit bombs will boost your immunity and improve your body’s antiviral and antibacterial protection.

Vitamin Gummies Frank Fruities MEN’S MULTI – 80 pcs.

Fortified with vitamins and minerals for man power Frank Fruities MEN'S MULTI is a unique fruit combination of vitamins and minerals, specially developed to strengthen the male organism and increase strength!

Vitamin Gummies Frank Fruities Help Gut with Cherries, Bananas & Apples – 200 gr.

Fortified with Selenium, Zinc and Vitamin E Frank Fruities with Cherries, Bananas and Apples are fun and delicious way to provide your organism with a balanced dose of essential nutrients. The aromatic fruit gummies are fortified with vitamin E, selenium and zinc for optimal gastrointestinal health and strong immunity.

Vitamin Gummies Frank Fruities Energy & Metabolism – 80 pcs.

Fortified with Copper, Iodine and Vitamin B Complex Frank Fruities Energy & Metabolism are the tastiest vitamins for improving metabolism and increasing energy levels!

Vitamin Gummies Frank Fruities Pump Iron with Blackcurrants & Apples – 200 gr.

Fortified with Iron The unique formula and wonderful fruity taste of the vitamin gummies provides the organism with a necessary dose of strength and nutrients and delightful experience for the senses! The aromatic fruities are fortified with iron, so you can rest assured that you will never suffer from iron deficiency again. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about metallic aftertaste in your mouth! The delicious vitamins will leave you with the long – lasting sweetness of blackcurrants and apples.

Vitamin Gummies Frank Fruities Skin, Hair & Nails – 200 gr.

Fortified with Biotin, Niacin and Multivitamin Frank Fruities Skin, Hair & Nails is created with care and attention to skin, hair and nails. Each of the ingredients is precisely selected to optimally complement the effect of the other components and increase their effectiveness. Daily intake of these irresistible natural vitamins promotes health and good look, because beauty starts from within!

C Vit Raspberry – Vitamin C 10 lozenges with raspberry flavor 250mg

C Vit Raspberry is the perfect source of vitamin C for your child. The tasty lozenges are easily and efficiently absorbed for maximum benefit. Their balanced raspberry flavor makes them a favorite treat for kids of all ages. Daily intake of vitamin C supports the natural defense system of the child’s organism and improves its resistance to diseases. Each sustained – release tablet provides your child with 250 mg. of natural vitamin C.

C Vit Orange – Vitamin С 10 orange flavored lozenges 250mg

C Vit Orange is a premium nutritional supplements that provides the child’s organism with a healthy dose of natural vitamin C. The tasty tablets deliver a number of health benefits in an easily absorbed form. The delicate fruity flavor and pleasant consistency make the supplement first choice for kids of all ages. Daily intake of C Vit Orange improves immune function and increases the organism’s resistance to viruses and colds.

C Vit Natural – Vitamin С 504mg with Propoilis 100mg

C Vit Natural is a powerful immunostimulant with fast effect. Each dose of C Vit Natural contains 500 mg. of natural vitamin C, extracted from rosehips, and 100 mg. of propolis extract. The liquid formula of the supplement guarantees optimal absorption for optimal results. C Vit Natural has an excellent flavor which makes it very pleasant for consumption.

Promo Pack “Together”

Promo pack “Together” contains powerful vitamin formulas for him and her. Frank Fruities Energy & Metabolism is the tastiest way for improving metabolism and increase of energy levels. Frank Fruities MEN’S MULTI is a unique fruit combo with high vitamin and mineral content, specifically designed to strengthen and support the male organism and increase strength.

Promo Pack “Vitamin C”

C Vit Natural is a powerful natural immunostimulant in a convenient, easy-to-use ampule. One tablet C Vit Orange a day provides kids a healthy dose of vitamin C.

Promo Pack Vitamins + Thermometer LD-301

C Vit Natural Powerful natural immunostimulant in a convenient ampule for easy ingestion. Each dose C Vit Natural contains 504

The normal course of all biological processes in the human body depends on proper absorption and maintenance of optimal vitamin and mineral levels. These essential nutrients are vital to metabolism, cell formation and overall health. Their deficiency can lead to the development of serious health problems.

The best way to meet the dietary needs of the body is through the consumption of healthy foods with natural and pure origin. Unfortunately, nowadays more and more people suffer from deficit of vitamins and minerals. According to scientist this is mostly due to poor eating habits, environmental factors, stress and low nutritive profile of industrially produced foods. All of these factors contribute to the fast depletion and hampered absorption of nutrients from diet. In this case the best way to supply the organism with the needed vitamins and minerals is through supplementation.

We offer you a unique selection of premium quality vitamins and minerals. The supplements that we offer are of natural origin, which makes them easily absorbed by the body. Each of the products is carefully selected to provide the best benefits and to improve overall health.