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Functional chewing gums for hangovers

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Functional hangover gums contribute to the body's recovery after consuming alcoholic beverages. It is a food supplement in the form of chewing gum with a pleasant fruity taste. The product relieves hangover symptoms such as nausea, fatigue and headache. It contains a rich variety of nutrients: vitamins C, B6 and B12, lycopene, as well as pineapple and guarana extracts.

Oxy Detox – last generation enterosorbent 20 tabs

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Oxy detox is a last generation high – quality enterosorbent that naturally cleanses and detoxifies the body. Enterosorbents are dietary supplements for total body detox that promote the excretion of pollutants and pathogens and balance the function of the gastrointestinal tract, thus promoting overall health. Oxy Detox’s formula is gentle on the stomach and does not cause constipation. This ensures fast and full elimination of toxins.

Promo Pack “Summer Adventures”

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Promo Pack “Summer Adventures” contains two first-class dietary supplements for trouble free summer. The premium probiotic promotes digestive health and supports gastro – intestinal function, while the powerful enterosorbent cleanses and detoxes the organism.

One of the most important biological processes in the human body is the excretion of slags and toxins. The detoxification promotes the recovery of the organism and strengthens the natural defense system as it rids us of harmful substances. Unfortunately, modern lifestyle, poor eating habits, smoking, alcohol consumption, air pollution and other environmental factors often compromise the natural cleansing processes in the body.

In the long term, the accumulation of toxins and free radicals is a prerequisite for the development of disease – causing processes and disorders in the biological functions of vital organs and systems. One of the best ways to deal with this problem is to stimulate the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms. Lifestyle changes and some complementary tactics (exercise and supplement intake) can greatly benefit the detox process.

In this section you will find excellent products, designed to promote the elimination and excretion of toxins from the body. The supplements that we offer have proven their effectiveness in detoxification and restoration of homeostasis and normal bodily functions.