created in 2016



TeamPro AD was created in 2016 as a joint venture of people with experience in the fields of production and distribution of nutritional supplements and medical devices.

The main purpose of the firm is care for the people.

The motto of our green company is “From nature for nature”. This is why we produce supplements made of natural products and make sure their packaging is recycled in a way that is safe for the nature.

Our aim is to create and introduce into the market innovative products that satisfy our customers and meet their expectations for high production quality. TeamPro’s products are manufactured in modern GMP – certified (Good Manufacturing Practice) factories.

TeamPro is a certified distributor of NISSEI’s high – tech medical devices, manufactured in Japan (Nissei Corporation, parent company: Brother Industries, Ltd.) and designed by Kazuo Kawasaki. Our portfolio also includes products from the Polish company Little Doctor, whose exclusive representative for Bulgaria is TeamPro.


Our Progress

Since 2020 we work together with Bulgarian scientists on the development of new products with 100% plant origin. The raw materials that we use are grown on fertile Bulgarian fields with controlled soil composition. The plant extracts and formulations are made by Bulgarian scientists and biotechnologists in specialized science labs.

TeamPro is determined to continue to explore and develop this line of cooperation with science for the creation of innovative natural supplements with Bulgarian origin of the ingredients, patented by Bulgarian scientists.


Our Teams

About us

Medical Reps

Our team of medical representatives consists of 10 highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical sector. They present our brand to doctors and familiarize them with TeamPro’s products and the effect they have on the human organism. A significant part of that process involves getting feedback from the physicians and their patients, which is very valuable to us. This prized information is forwarded to the innovative department for improvements in the composition and development of new products.  Another major part of the job of the medical reps’ team is to follow the trends and innovations in the fields of medicine and supplement production in Bulgaria and on the global market.


Last but not least, our third team is located in the central office, where all of the management, innovations’ center, marketing and logistics operate. The role of this skilled team is to manage the human resources and to analyze the results from our work. The most important tasks of this team include creation of new products, improvement of the firm’s portfolio, provision of financial stability and support for all of TeamPro’s teams and clients.

About us

Sales Reps

Our tem of sales representatives consists of 8 people, whose personal aim is to work for the satisfaction of TeamPro’s customers. Team spirit, first-rate training and professional attitude is what makes them an excellent partner to the pharmaceutical network around the country. The most important responsibility of the team is to familiarize pharmacists with our products. The sales reps provide information about the therapeutic effects of the supplements, answer consumer questions and present innovative techniques for assessing VfM (Value for Money).

Our representatives have a personal approach to each individual client in the pharmacies that we work with. Everyone who has purchased one of our products can call our free of charge national telephone 080090098 and receive an answer to his / her question. This is an easy way to receive information about TeamPro’s products or a direct connection to a regional sales rep. In cases related to the use of our products, a representative will assist you immediately for prompt resolution of the matter.

Our policy is to replace defective medical devices with new ones within the warranty period.