The internet page is an established online store for e-commerce, whose creator and sole owner is Team Pro AD.

The website specializes mainly in internet sales of food supplements and medical devices through individual customer order.

All prices on the website include VAT, with no hidden charges and fees. Prices do not include shipping costs. All prices are valid while stocks last. Team Pro AD reserves the right to change prices at any time, without prior notice. The seller reserves the right to correct erroneous technical information or other product parameters on the website at any time, without prior notice. Typographical errors, differences in color and changes in product design are possible. All product names, logos, brands, trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Team Pro AD is an official importer of the products on the website for Bulgaria.

The content of this website may not be copied, reproduced or displayed without the written content of Team Pro AD.


“User” is anyone landing on Team Pro’s website.

“Products” are all goods available on the website for purchase.

“Order” is any individual request for the purchase of one or more items from the online store, under the conditions for delivery and payment of the website.

“Services” are all actions performed by Team Pro AD in the process of offering, selling and delivering one or more items from the online store.

Conditions of Use

This document contains the General Terms and Conditions according to which Team Pro AD provides Services to its Users thorough this website. Each individual User is bound by the rules of this document for the entire period through which he / she uses the website.

The IP address and any other provided information provided by the User are stored in the log files of the website’s server in order to reproduce his / her statement of acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions. The General Terms and Conditions can be easily found on the webpage and are available to every User.

Please read these conditions carefully.


The General Terms and Conditions regulate the contractual relationship between the User and Team Pro AD in relation to the Services that the firm provides though this website.


All Products available on the website at the time of purchase order are subject of sale. The items that are sold in the online store are described by type and quality and are classified into separate categories, according to general and common characteristics. Submitting a purchase order is considered as the User’s consent to the look and quality of the chosen product / products.


After placing an individual purchase order, the User is obliged to pay for the product/s at the time of delivery by courier.


According to the Consumer Protection Law the Seller is obliged to provide freely the following information:

– Name: Team Pro AD, IUC 204070471

– Registration address: Sofia, Bulgaria, 7 Sveta Sofia Str.

– Head office: 1680 Sofia, Bulgaria, 9A Sinanishko ezero Str., office 6

– Main product characteristics are listed in detail on the webpage for the proper presentation on the website.

– Individual product prices are listed on the respective product page and include VAT.

– Information about shipping costs of products which do not include delivery can be found in section “Shipping and Delivery” on the website.

– The Seller does not impose any additional fees and charges for the use of the available communication methods with the Customer.

– Delivery methods are presented in detail in section “Shipping and Delivery” on the website.  


According to Art.50 of the Bulgarian law on consumer protection, the Users of this online store have the right to cancel or return the ordered product(s) within 14 calendar days from the date of receiving the order. This right can be claimed according to the rules described in Art. 54, p.3 and Art. 55 of the Bulgarian law on consumer protection and if:

–  the product(s) are unused (except to check the functionality / size)

– the product(s) are not damaged

– the original packaging is available and not damaged

– the appearance of the product(s) is preserved (all labels, stickers, etc. must be present on the goods / packaging in the same way it was received)

In order to exercise his / her right the User can choose between the following options:

– to submit a cancelation / return form on our email:

– to let us know about his / her desire in any other convenient way (telephone, fax, letter, etc.)

The Customer has no right to refuse an order or return an order that has already been received and payed for if all conditions under Art.57, p. 1, p.3, p.5 of the Bulgarian law on consumer protection have been fulfilled.

The Customer must return the received item(s) at his / her own expense to the following address: Sofia, Bulgaria, 9A Sinanishko ezero Str.

In the case of refusal request on behalf of the Customer and confirmation of the request by Team Pro AD, the Seller is obliged to refund only the value of the Product(s), excluding the transportation and delivery costs from the manufacturer to the user’s shipping address (according to Art.55, p.1 of the Bulgarian law of consumer protection).

Important: Please call us at 070050097 for any questions about the products and services offered by Team Pro AD.


Team Pro AD has no obligation or objective opportunity and does not control the way in which the User uses the provided services.

Team Pro AD has the right, but not the obligation, to:

  • Save materials and information that have been used / placed on the website’s server or made available to third parties by the User.
  • To provide third parties and relevant state authorities with the available information if this is necessary in order to protect the firm’s rights, interests, property and security.
  •  To provide materials and information to third parties in cases of legal claims regarding violation of their rights through distribution of information or material
  • To provide information and materials if requested by state authorities through explicit legal provisions.

Team Pro AD has the right to terminate, suspend or change the provided Services at any time, without notification at its own discretion or when the User uses the services in violation of the terms and conditions stated in this page.

Team Pro AD has no obligations or responsibilities to the User or third parties regarding any damages and / or lost profits due to termination, suspension, modification or restriction to the Services, deletion, loss, inaccuracy or incompleteness of messages, materials or information transmitted, used, recorded or made available through Team Pro AD or this website.

Team Pro AD has the right to provide information and include hyper links to other internet pages and resources in its publications on this website.

Team Pro AD is not responsible for any damages and / or lost profits linked to the use, access or authenticity of these materials and content.

The User is fully responsible for all damages caused to and third parties, resulting from the usage or access to these internet pages and resources. Team Pro AD is not responsible for any damages caused to the software, hardware, telecommunication equipment or for loss of data, resulting from materials or resources that have been searched, loaded or used in any way through the services that the Seller provides.

The advice, consultations or assistance provided by the specialists and employees at with regard to the use of the Services by the User does not impose any responsibilities or obligations on Team Pro AD.

The User is obliged to compensate Team Pro AD and all third parties for any damages and lost profits, including any costs and paid attorney’s fees incurred as a result of claims and / or compensations paid to third parties with regard to internet pages, hyperlinks, materials or information that the User has used, posted on the server, sent, shared, distributed or made available to third parties through Team Pro AD in violation of the law, these General Terms and Conditions, good manners or Internet ethics.


The General Terms and Conditions can be changed at any time by Team Pro AD. The Seller is obliged to notify the User about any changes by publishing a Notice of Change in General Terms and Conditions on the website, as well the changes themselves.

The User is bound by the changes since the moment of their publication, unless he / she declares that he / she does not accept them. In case the User explicitly states that he / she does not agree with the changes Team Pro AD has the right to suspend or terminate the provision of services to the User. In such case the User is still bound by the obligations arising from his / her purchase order (e.g. to cover any related delivery costs).  

All notifications regarding the provision of Services through this website are announced in a timely manner in visible places or are communicated through telephone / email / contact address provided by the User. Notifications made in this way are considered duly received until proven otherwise.