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Oral Irrigator Little Doctor AQUAJET LD-A8

94.99 лв.
AQUAJET LD-A8 is a compact irrigator for oral care, which easily cleanses even the most difficult – to – reach areas of the dental cavity. It is intended for both prevention of dental disease and deep cleaning of the teeth and gums. The device is intended for specialized use.

Portable Oral Irrigator Little Doctor AQUAJET LD-A3

82.99 лв.
AQUAJET LD-A3 is a portable irrigator for oral care, which combines comfort, convenience and compactness in one top – quality device. The irrigator easily reaches and cleans even the most inaccessible areas of the oral cavity. It is ideal for cleansing braces, dentures and dental bridges.

Irrigators have been dentists’ best friend for decades now. They make cleaning of the oral cavity much easier and help in the prevention of dental disease. Here you will find premium oral irrigators by the Polish brand Little Doctor.

The devices that we offer are reliable and easy – to – use. They can be used in professional dental practice, as well as at home. They have ergonomic and stylish design, compact size and exceptional functions. Regular use of irrigators improves oral hygiene and health and prevents the formation of teeth and gum disease.

Professional irrigators are suitable for cleaning both the oral cavity and orthodontic tools and appliances. They are designed for prophylactic and curative procedures. The pressure of the water jet is 8 atmospheres, the water tank is large and the nozzle compartment is dishwasher safe. Irrigators for home use are compact and easily portable. The water jet comes out with high pressure and reaches the deepest parts of the oral cavity. Portable irrigators are equipped with rechargeable battery.