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Promo Pack “Little Doctor at Home”

Original price was: €71,57.Current price is: €56,75.
This is a basic promo pack, which contains the most common medical devices: LD-91 is a professional blood pressure monitor by the Polish brand Little Doctor, Krakow, Poland. Digital thermometer LD – 302, intended for measuring body temperature. Practical lightweight pulse oximeter with compact design.

TeamPro offers a great variety of apparatuses and devices for measuring various physiological parameters, treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases and maintenance of oral hygiene. The wide range of high – quality products includes practical solutions for professional and home use. In this section you will find:

  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Thermometers
  • Inhalers
  • Irrigators
  • Pulse oximeter

In category “Blood pressure monitors” you will find reliable blood pressure measuring devices of highest quality and excellent prices. The product range includes electronic and mechanical monitors with compact design and practical functional options. We offer a variety of arm – cuff and wrist – cuff models. Some are equipped with additional and / or non – standard cuffs, which allow for measurement of blood pressure of children and adults with various arm circumferences. Most of the products are applicable for home use. You can also find specialized models, designed for intensive use in medical environment, as well as pediatric blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes and adapters.

In category “Thermometers” you will find premium thermometers for measuring body temperature. All of the products give fast and accurate readings. The professional non – contact thermometers measure temperature with clinical precision. The digital models are made of safe materials and do not contain mercury. They are designed for axillary, oral or rectal measurement and are waterproof.

In category “Inhalers” you will find high – quality inhalers, used for the prevention and treatment of respiratory tract problems. The devices are equipped easy – to – use and maintain masks for adults and children. All of the models turn liquid solutions into fine vapor. This way the medication easily reaches even the most distant parts of the respiratory tract and increases the effectiveness of the therapy. Compressor inhalers can be used at home or in medical practice. Ultrasonic models are excellent solution for sleeping children as the noise level is negligible.

Browse for superior quality oral irrigators in our web store. The devices that we offer are well – designed and easy to use. They provide in – depth cleanliness of the oral cavity and help with the prevention and therapy of various conditions. Regular use of oral irrigators improves blood circulation in the mouth, prevents formation of tartar, fights inflammation and protects from gingivitis, periodontitis and caries. Professional irrigators can also be used to clean orthodontic appliances, prostheses, implants and crown. The powerful water jet of the irrigators cleans the gums and teeth in depth and reaches even the most inaccessible areas of the oral cavity.

On our website you can also find practical finger pulse oximeter, which can be used in medical and home environment. The device allows easy monitoring of the pulse and oxygen saturation in people with cardiovascular problems, lung disease, for patients after oxygen therapy or for emergency diagnostics.